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What to do with my "old" Avatar (pre Adire) 12" Shiva woofer

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1. Budget: $200.00ish

2. Size requirements/limits: Have 20" between back wall and table and it needs to fit in there and it can be 20" or so from the corner but will need to be up against a back wall.

3. Room dimensions: 12'x12' One door opening and an opening about 4’ with diagonal stair wall

4. Primary uses: Home Theater

5. Listening habits: Not nearly as much as past only 1 or 2 movies a month (Hence the $200.00 budget)

6. Appearance requirements: Pretty out of site so not too important

7. Timeframe: Now

Long story short, I have a Shiva with a Def Tech plate amp that was in a sonotube enclosure in the corner of my room for the last 10 years I would say. Well times change and furniture is replaced and basically the old 4’ sonotube has to go. I don’t really have the time or ability for a full custom build so I did some looking and saw the old sealed enclosure Shiva applications ( http://www.recordcrate.net/diy/shiva/SealedShivaApplications.pdf ) and saw a 54l Q= 0.707 box is good for the Shiva. Well it so happens I noticed the Parts Express http://www.parts-express.com/knock-down-mdf-20-cu-ft-subwoofer-cabinet-for-dayton-audio-12-ultimax-subwoofer--300-7081 with 1LB of polyfill says it is Q= 0.707 and 2.0 cubic feet is 56 or so liters, so my novice self thought just buy the 2.0 cubic foot box from PE and I’m in business. Some spikes, speaker grill etc. would put me under $200.00

Question for you guys way smarter than I, is this crazy? Would I be better off abandoning the old Shiva and leaving it in the sonotube for another application (maybe someday) and just buying a BIC F12 or something for $200.00. I know SVS PB-1000 for $500.00 is way better but that is way more than I can spend on something I just won’t use much anymore, kids, life etc. has made my HT less of a priority.

If it means anything I have Atlantic Tech ( http://www.atlantictechnology.com/default.asp?NodeId=45 ) 2200C 2200LR’s and 920 surrounds.

Thanks for any and all advice.
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Thanks for the reply.

Are you saying the Dayton is a better choice than the Shiva in the box I specified? Based on my (very) limited knowledge looking at the specs I could find the Shiva would perform better than the Dayton. I could be wrong as I said my knowledge is VERY limited and i just go by what I am seeing on the ole interweb.
Driver cut-out for the Ultimax is 10.73" while the Shiva is 11". If that PE box is designed for only the Ultimax, then you will need to enlarge the driver opening.

You will get better responses in the DIY section.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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