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Im looking at tvs now in the 46 - 50" range.... I know what to look for with regards to 'tv' stuff, but i need help on the pc end.

Ill be connecting it to my htpc, and was wondering what i should be looking for to give me a 1:1 pixel map.

Should i just make sure that the resolution is standard? 1024 x 768, for example? Is the pc input res different from the native res of the tv? I ask, because my sony tv is 1280x720, but when using the pc, i need to use powerstrip to adjust to a 1224 x 668 res.

I would like to purchase an lcd tv, where 1:1 pixel mapping can be achieved without powerstrip, and games and movies are displayed on the entire screen without overscan/underscan.......

Or am i asking for too much?
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