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what to look for in low cost screen

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i just purchased an infocus x1 and am in the process of constructing a blackout cloth screen. however, i intend for this to be a temporary solution, and that i would eventually have a manual pull down screen in front of my television (the tv is used for just that, tv). so i first thought that a da lite model b would be perfect. however i read it is not so, it can become wrinkled easily. so the solution is to get a high power or a model c with csr, or both. or so i read. however, i also read about a model b deluxe or something like that. it is one that has a snap down tensioning arm. This seems like it could solve the problem wrinkles. so far the choices seem to be:

--Matte White or High Power--

cheap and the standard for video vs. wrinkle eliminating but retro reflective ( i have a ceiling mount) i've heard about hotspotting and a poor viewing angle. the angle in my theatre can be rather large for some viewers.

--Deluxe Model B vs. Model C vs. Model B/C with CSR--

i'm not sure how the deluxe model b's arm compensates for the smaller roller and the lack of csr, nor do i know if the csr in the model c is justified over the normal model c, or a model b with csr.

It seems that the model b would need the high power material, but would this be enough? or would i still be seeing wrinkles/waves in my image? it also seems a normal model c would need the hp material. but i've heard a model c with csr would be wrinkle and wave free enough to use normal matte white and thus reap the benefits of it (lower black level, better viewing cone) and then of course, the deluxe model b seems somewhere in the middle of all of this. the price point from lowest to highest is

model b

model b with tensioning arm

model b with csr

model c

model c w/ csr

really the model c with csr is getting out of the price range i had hoped to stay within. I'm looking to have an 84" 4:3 screen and this is all making me quite confused. i would order swatches but from what i hear it is not easy or useful to judge the hp with just a swatch. sorry if i was long winded.
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