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What to paid with NAD T 758v3

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What to pair with NAD T 758v3

Hi all, I'm setting up a new system for a small-ish room in an NYC condo building. I originally had the NAIM MuSo 2 but returned it to build a separate 3.1 system. Just ordered a NAD t 758 v3 receiver. How would you rank the following speakers (or pick one from the below). Unfortunately don't have the luxury of trying to listen these speakers live.

KEF R900
ML Motion 60
BW 704 S2
Focal Aria 926
Golden Ear Triton
Def Tech Mythos

Any other suggestions also welcome
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Have a look at the Ascend Acoustic Sierra Tower with the RAAL Tweeter option.


The Canton Vento's are very nice also with the ceramic tweeter. Returns could be costly tho. Link below for the Vento 896. Other models of the Vento are on that site too.

The word on Focal has been good
The word on Focal has been good
Thanks. I'm not looking to (ideally) add a sub and heard that the Focals are a little light on bass. I like solid deep bass. The Golden Ear and Def tech have built in subs but don't look that aesthetically pleasing...Might have to compromise on aesthetics a little I guess.

What about the KEF R900s? Getting a good deal on accessories4less.
Have a look at the Ascend Acoustic Sierra Tower with the RAAL Tweeter option.

Thank you. Do you know how the Canton's compare to the KEF R900s? The low on Canton's seem deeper (which is great, I like that).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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