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What type of door from finished to unfinished area?

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I'm getting ready to install doors in the basement and I'm trying to figure out what kind of doors to get for between finished and unfinished areas. Do I use interior doors with no weather seal, or do I use exterior doors? For instance, I have a door from my main rec room into my water heater closet. The water heater closet is 3 walls of concrete and the front wall where the door would go has (looking out from inside) insulation -> studs -> drywall -> rec room.

Hopefully that all made sense

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Is your water heater electric or gas? If gas, you may need to make sure there is enough air exchange.
haha just after I posted I began to think... "man I'm shouldn't have said water heater.. I'm going to get all sorts of questions now"
Let's pretend the hot water heater isn't in there

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If the unfinished space is heated, you can use an interior door. If it is unheated, you would need either a solid wood interior door, a solid wood with a masonite cover door or an exterior door. All with weather seals.
Scott, if you mean heated as in a duct ran to it, that would be a no... the only heat to the rooms are from equipment in them or heat from other rooms entering from the door opening.

I too used interior doors into my three unfinished areas. Unless you have significant drafts coming through that area you should be fine.

By conditioned space, I mean with the same HVAC service, exterior insulation, etc. as the other spaces you are finishing.

For example, my mechanical room qualifies as conditioned so I could use a regular door, but my shop space isn't so I needed a more substantial door. This is needed for two reasons: fire stop and to stop movement of conditioned air into a "cold" space.

The cheapest solution is often a masonite covered solid door. These are made with this use in mind and have air seals, but aren't true exterior doors. I picked one up from a lumber yard in my area for $29 at their "scratch-n-dent" sale in the fall. It had scuffs on it, but other than one nick, was in perfect condition once painted.
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