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Interpositives are usually element of choice for film-to-tape transfers for several reasons:

1.They are usually in better physical condition than the other film elements. The original camera negative is often checkerboarded on several rolls, or may be chemically unstable if stored improperly.

2.They are very low-contrast and therefore help to preserve shadow detail.

3.Scratches or dirt on the IP appear as black defects on the transfer, which are generally less objectionable than white defects, which would be the case if the camera negative or internegative were used.

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Up to half of all movies are captured on HD video and mastered in a Digital Master file. The only film version is the 35mm distribution print, and not even that if you view it in a digital theater. Even movies that do not use any Visual Effects often use HD video and digital editing.

The word "film" is no longer a synonym for "movie".
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