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What up converting players will work with a non HDCP projector (Opt. H77)?

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This is all very confusing to me.

The optoma H77 is not HDCP compliant.

My question is: Will all DVI players be required to use HDCP, if so does this mean I need to stock up on a couple non-HDCP DVI players now before all the players require HDCP?
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This thread right near yours answers your first question:


The answer to your second question is yes, almost certainly, unless a few Asian models continue to be available.

In case you didn't know, the Optoma H77 is indeed HDCP compliant. Why are you saying it's not?
Ya I posted that question over a month ago, Ive learned a little since then.
Always good to learn, isn't it;)!!!
Still a good question. What is a good DVD player for H77
The one's I'd recommend:

V Inc. Bravo D2

Pioneer DV-59AVi

Denon 3910

What is your budget? What connection will you use, analog or digital? What resolution?

The one's I recommended were for their DVI/HDMI digital outputs that are upconverted in the respective player to the H77's native resolution of 1280x720P.

Go to www.hometheaterhifi.com and read the reviews there also for some good recommendations.

Good Luck in your search:)!!!
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