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I have two, 10-20 year old, large, vandersteen floor speakers, about 4 feet tall, 12 inches wide, maybe 5-6 inches "long," as in the the other width.

I am looking to create a surround sound setup for both home theatre viewing, and music listening/concert watching in the home theatre.

I have been told that Vandersteens have a very unique sound and that it would sound bad to create the surround setup with speakers that are not vandersteens.

I am trying to complete either a 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, or 8.1 surround setup for $1,000 - $2,000. I am not sure if this is all correct but these are the scenarios I'm looking to complete.

5.1: 2 front speakers, 2 side speakers, 1 back speaker, 1 subwoofer. (Is this correct? Is this how it would be setup? But then what about the center front speaker? Or are those usually not part of a 5.1 setup?). Anyway this is what I'm looking to complete at a minimum.

6.1: 2 front speakers, 2 side speakers, 2 back speakers, 1 subwoofer. (again I don't know if this is correct or not. If it isn't then I'd want to do it the correct way).

7.1: 2 fronts, 4 sides, 1 back, 1 sub.

And ultimately what I would most like is...

8.1: 2 fronts, 4 sides, 1 back, 1 on the ceiling above me, and 1 sub.

I am looking at the vandersteen price list, here: http://www.vandersteen.com/pages/Vanprices.htm ... and 1st of all, which of these speakers are the ones I need to get? I see the VSM speakers, which apparently are wall side speakers if I'm not mistake, which would work, but which ones are used for back speakers, behind the viewer in the home theatre? Or are VSM's used for side and back?

2nd of all, I thought a good 5.1 setup could be had for around $1,000, but even the cheapest pair of speakers listed here are $1,000 total just for two, not to mention the more expensive models... And if I didn't already have two front speakers then five of the cheapest vandersteens would still cost $2,500 or above.

What should I do? Assuming I need vandersteens to go with the two I already have (do I?), then I guess I need two side speakers, one for each side, and one back speaker to go behind the viewers for a total of $1,000 - $2,000, preferably $1,500 or under. Is that correct? Is that what I would need to complete the 5.1 setup? (plus a subwoofer).

Is having a front center speaker not important here? And having only one presumably smaller speaker at the back is enough even when I have two big ones in front?

If all that checks out, and what i do need turns out to be like I said 2 side speakers and 1 back speaker behind the viewer, which side speakers should I get, and which back speaker should I get?

My room is about 22 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. The walls and ceiling are wood. I already have a relatively surround receiver.

Thank you for your help. To summarize the main questions are whether or not I am correct in saying that what I need is actually two side speakers and one back speaker, and then if that is correct, do I need to go Vandersteen for sure? And if I do or even if I don't, which vandersteen models should I go with for my side speakers, back speaker, and subwoofer. And is it okay that I don't have a center front speaker?

And is there something I'm missing regarding these high prices on these speakers. And if so would it then be possible to actually do a 7.1 or 8.1 setup with the one ceiling speaker like I want? And which model would that be? Or with the 7.1 setup, which ones should I get?

Thank you so much

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Thank you.

Can someone please help answer my questions the best they can, or point me in the direction of some authorized vandersteen dealers I coudl talk to, or to some internet links that might answer my questions and help me figure out which speakers to get, which kinds to get as my sides, and backs?
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