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What! VMPS at thrift store :)

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Treasure hunt story. Was at the local thrift store yesterday. Saw a plain pair of speakers with no name but they had two horns and a nice looking 8" driver. They were heavy so I thought I'd take a chance at $10 for the pair. :)

When I hooked them up to my Scott 340b tube receiver I was shocked at the great sound. Couldn't take it so I opened one up.

Inside a sticker stating VMPS. Check your local thrift stores. I really can't imagine who would drop these beauty's off to ditch them.

The horns are so clear that mids and highs are gleaming. Makes me want to buy more of his speakers. VMPS I mean.

This store I got them at is a haven for speakers. My buddy who shouldn't hv told be about the store picked up, 3 pairs of vintage Klipsch Heresy's and JBL Apollo's. All for about $30 a pair. The Apollo's are worth $2,000.

Check your thirft shops. :)
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GREAT FIND. Congrats! In fact, what an awesome present you bought yourself. These are top notch speakers.
I'm very familar with the brand, plus the maker is located in my area. These must be vintage 80's models as he uses ribbon speakers for mids and highs these days. These babys crank, very high sensitivity. Tonight I used them with my HK7200 & digital HT. The opening of Goldmember was super nice. My Paradigm center doesn't hold up to them though. The Paradigm is a little smooth and bassy, no gleam and Tiphany.
If I remember correctly, in the early '80's, you could buy VMPS "Kits" direct from the factory in El Cerrito. The "kits" were sold with and without cabinets, and weren't at all expensive.

Not to spoil your hunting, but which thrift store? The St. Anthony's out on N. Main used to have a lot of great stuff- I picked up a pristine Hallicrafters SX101A for $10 there once...

Also, Walnut Creek/Danville is great Garage Saling territory, my scores over the years: Klipschorns for free, (You haul!), Heresies for $35, Celestion Dittons for $25, KEF 104s for $75, (That guy had at least _some_ inkling of what he had...), etc.
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