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Ok, my current system is WAY outdated. However, it still has plenty of power for me handling general tasks such as some graphics work, simple 3D drawing, playback of standard-def DVDs and .vob files, running some old NES and SNES and PSX games from time to time. This PC also holds all of my music and ripped DVDs which I pipe over the network to the dlink media server that resides in my living room. Does just fine. All this gets played though a 7.1 receiver. I currently do not own a hi-def TV or projector or anything like that. I do not watch blu-ray or HD-DVD. I plan to do all of this in the future though. My long term goals are to have a dedicated home theater running from an HTPC. Short term, I would like to use my current setup to replace a couple of the components on my entertainment center,i.e., DVD player and the D-link media server. Basically just move it to the living room and take the DVDplayer and dlink out of the loop. Here is my current setup, old I know, but it works great for everything im doing now....

-MSI k7tTurbo 2 MB

-AMD XP CPU @ 1.8 mhz(not over clocked)

-1.5GB of PC-133 SDRAM

-Nvidia FX5200 128MBddr AGP 4x video card with VGA,s-video and DVI

-250 GB HDD

-DVD burner-cant recall the brand or speed, its decent though

(also have a regular slot-loading DVD PLAYER that rarely gets used)

-I have a aver-tv capture card that isnt even installed because I never really used it.

Like I said, its old but not bad.

The system I am thinking of building, that I know would be overkill for my current needs, but would (hopefully) provide me with tons of future upgradability....


-2 or 4 GB of DDR2, 1066 or 800, not sure which speed or how much to use yet as I am running XP Home SP3, 32bit so I really can not use any more than 4GB without upgrading to a 64 bit OS but i i may as well because i want to use....

- AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core, will probably need vista 64 bit (or 64 bit XP?) to take advantage of this.

and thats pretty much it---- for now. Just the MB, DDR, and the CPU. Will simply use the IGP for video and spdif for sound out to my reveiver I would use my current HDD and DVD burner. I can always add a pcie Vid Card if I NEED one in the future for watching ripped blu-ray material if/when I upgrade to a blu-ray drive of some sort. Can always add a much larger HDD for relatively cheap. only problem with this setup is no connection to my current TV. But may as well upgrade to an HDTV when I build this.

so my basic question is this....

What can i expect to get out of my current setup for what Im currently doing, and what would I have to be doing that would force an upgrade? Blu-ray rips? Upscaling standard DVDs?

What can I do with the proposed setup. Just the MB, RAM and CPU. I know I dont need the new PC right now. Just curious as to what I would be able to do with this setup that I can not currently do.

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The old PC will handle DVD playback and media serving functions just fine, especially since you're not talking HD resolutions.

The new setup (maybe switch the 5000+ for a 4850e) will do just about anything you can ask it to. You'll see no difference in speed between 64 and 32-bit and 64-bit is harder to get apps and drivers for. I'd say stick with 32-bit for now. 2GB is plenty.

The 4850e is a 45w CPU and will run cooler than the 5000+ even when OC'd. The GA-MA78GM-S2H has VGA/DVI out and you can always get an adapter to convert to component, if your TV accepts it.
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