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I did several searches but couldn't find quite what I was looking for. If I have neglected useful and available information, I apologize and would be grateful for any links.

As it is, Velodyne CHT-15's are quite affordable for me and so I have one in my living room. I was intrigued by the following post in which Tom V said:

Go with twin VEL cht15s stacked. That should be about $500-600 total and would be one heck of a system down to the 27-30hz range in most rooms!
Thread: 328801

After reading that, I thought, why don't I have two in my room? Since the sub is out of production or will be soon and I need to start driving within the next few days to snatch one of the remaining should I decide, I'm hoping that some of you will be gracious enough to teach me a bit here.

Firstly, I like the sub a lot. But I don't understand, entirely, the benefit of adding another. If the first one is putting out, say 116 dB at 62 Hz (just as an example), and then I connect another of the same sub also playing 116 dB at 62 Hz, how does the second sub impact the overall sound? Just to prove my dedication to the subject, I do plan on taking a physics course sometime that deals with acoustics. Unless you guys teach me everything I need to know. Any suggestions as to what I should look for in regards to the course?

Secondly, how would stacking a CHT-10 or 12 atop my current 15 compare to two stacked 15's? Would it even be worth adding a smaller CHT sub to my 15?

Thirdly, is it generally a myth that larger subs are "sloppier," lacking "tightness?" I've read, here, that since larger drivers have less excursion to drive the same or a greater amount of air, that this is generally a non-issue. If it is an issue, then maybe a smaller one to compliment the 15" could take care of higher frequency bass while the larger focuses on lower frequencies.

Fourthly, if a did buy another 15" sub, and there were no aesthetic implications, would stacking them be the ideal situation? I have Infinity Alpha 50 fronts (anyone care to guess where I work yet?). What about placing one CHT-15 on either side of the Alpha's? Or even buying two 10" CHT's in addition to the extra 15, and then having a 10 on each of the fifteens aside each of the Alpha's? I've even seriously considered buying each of the CHT's to form a pyramid structure featuring a 15, 12, 10 and 8, but I had had a few that night.

And finally, I don't currently have rear speakers. I've wanted to buy two more Alpha 50's for the rears, but they are soon to be replaced by the Beta series. The two different series of speakers do have different frequency responses and crossovers, but the same CMMD drivers as far as I know. Would it be much better for me to get the Alpha's now rather than waiting and possibly having to get the Beta's, as far as matching the front and rear speakers?

I'll be connecting these all to a Marantz SR7000, which has the less than ideal bass management, but has been my best investment yet...in the world of machines at least, until I can splurge for SVS and nOrh and a LCOS all to be enjoyed from a comfy chair.

Thank you in advance for any consideration of my questions. You can be pleased to know that I'm taking the info I learn here and dispersing it amongst a larger audience of novice home theater enthusiasts, one at a time.


Funny aside-This is my first post and I had originally put a URL with TV's quote, but since I'm new, I can't post URL's yet. I lost this whole thing!
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