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Here's my crazy setup for viewing TV on a 50" plasma from my living room, dining room, and kitchen. (At separate times!) The bracket will swing 90 degrees either way, and the TV stows nicely out of the way when not in use.

It's a bit - unconventional. I know about these issues and just have to live with them:

- The plasma is going to crash through the doorwall (it's the FIXED half of the doorwall, at least) in an earthquake...

- Some drunken fool is going to walk into it first, though.

- Yea, it blocks the view of San Diego Bay, but not badly.

- Single-pane glass is a terrible surface behind speakers.

- Open space to dining room is probably problematical sound-wise.

- Will need some kind of window treatment for daytime viewing. I really prefer NO window treatment in living rooms, but I'm gonna have to cave-in on this one.

(Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?)

But so far it works for me. Don't think I'd be happy with the TV anywhere else. I love being able to move the bracket to view from any of the 3 rooms and it's a neat installation. (The cable you see at the bottom is a temporary Ethernet cable. There's a CAT6 outlet in the wall behind the shelving that goes to my office where the router will be re-located. Office was previously in the dining room and the equipment is still there temporarily.)

(If you're curious about the offset to the right - it's a Peerless mount and the TV *is* centered on the mount plate! I selected this mount specifically because it has a 7" offset to the right or left. More often people COMPLAIN about the offset on this mount after they think they've centered it over their fireplace, etc. LOL.)

Now, what to do about sound? Willing to spend about $2500 for receiver and speakers.

Conventional/wide front speaker placement would be awkward and would probably be usable only when viewing from the LR. So, I think I need to at least go with an L/C/R on the bracket, and possibly a faux 5.1 soundbar such as the Definitive SSA-50. The idea of the 5.1 soundbar is more to widen the sound stage rather than to really expect surround effects. Maybe that and a sub-woofer and receiver and I am done.

I'd consider adding either back or height to enhance LR viewing. Without going into all the messy details (I have some wire and conduit pre-installed), it would be easy for me to install speakers with hidden wiring on either the N wall or the E wall (back of the coat closet). Not so much the wall separating the kitchen, though that could be possible with some wireless setup. It's also easy to get at pre-installed wiring in the LR ceiling in front of the LR doorwall and window.

Seating position is open, since I haven't bought furniture yet. Considering some kind of "pit" or L-shaped seating in the middle of the LR.

Anyway, what would YOU do with this?


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I'm not sure how to respond

I guess you could consider on-wall speakers like the Axion M3 units for mounting (somehow ?) around the TV so they move with it. Do a 3.1 system and consider two (or even 3) subwoofers for the multiroom setup.
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