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What would you do???

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I currently have the Outlaw 990/7125 combo but I am interested in the new line of Pioneer receivers to take advantage of the advanced codecs. I could possibly sell both the 990 and the 7125 and hope to get 1000.00 for them and get the SC05 or I could just sell the 990 and get the Pioneer VSX-01TXH and use the pre outs on the receiver to take advantage of my amp. My plan is to move in a couple years and have a dedicated home theater room that would most likely be equipped with a pre pro that includes the latest and greatest features that will be available in 2-3 years. It would be easier at that point to get a pre pro that would have the latest bells and whistles for the home theater room and move the current Pioneer receiver to a bedroom. So is the best plan to sell both the 990 and the amp or is it a better idea just to sell the 990 considering I will most likely have seperates in my future set up. Any suugestions listed here or any other Pioneer receivers that you may think would suit my needs would be greatly appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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