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May be the wrong forum, but what the heck.

I have begun framing my new theater/kitchen/bathroom loft in a detached building on my property. I have an electrician doing the electrical work who also owns and operates a home theater design/construction company. He gave me estimates for both electrical work and theater equipment.

Here is his list:

Klipsch THX ultra 2 System with

3) KL 650 LCR

4) KS 525 Surrounds

2) KW 120 Subs

1) KA 1000 Sub amp

1) Integra 80.1 Receiver

1) Integra DBS 30.1 blue ray player

1) Epson 8500UB projector

1) 118" 1:85 screen

1) All in one remote

Total value $14,900 plus tax

If I was doing it myself I was considering:

Axiom Audio speakers with

VP150 center channel

M60 sides

QS8 surrounds (4)

Outlaw Audio LFM1-EX Subs x2

ONKYO 9.2-Channel Receiver TX-NR3007

Oppo BDP-83 bluray

Panny ae4000 projector

128-136" 2.35:1 Carada BW screen

don't really care about the remote

Total cost ~$9000

Advantage is he will install everything with calibration etc. I checked the prices of the equipment he listed and it adds up to about 20K if I bought everything separately. Is his equipment worth the extra $ and ease of him installing everything. I did everything myself in my old room, but am now much busier at work and don't have as much free time.

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I wouldn't for two reasons:

I would rather have the 2.35 screen vs his 1.85 and I am not a big fan of the Klipsch horn sound (at least any of the klipsch speakers I have heard.)

I bet you could still get him to hook everything up (for a service fee) for you if you were firm that you want to provide the equiment. (Plugging an HDMI connector into the back of the Panny is going to be the same as plugging it into the back of the Epson, etc.)


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I also would take your option as I'm not a Klipsch fan either and the 2.35:1 screen was non-negotiable when it came to my theater. I also like you BD player choice. When he says he will calibrate, what kind of calibration? ISF? If he's just talking about using an SPL meter and a calibration disc of some sort then that's no real calibration that you couldn't perform. Oh, and don't discount the value of a good remote. It can make things much more enjoyable for you.
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