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What's a good sound card for 2 channel audio?

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If you have a $6,000 stereo system you'd want a system that can pass coaxial digital sp/dif to an external DAC.

I have some PC's that run Live and Vortex2 cards digitally to my HT setup. Sony 9000es with 24/96 DAC's controls the audio.

If you only have stereo buy a cheap DAC like the $200-500 24/96 DAC's on the market.

There's only one soundcard that's reasonably priced and offers audiophile performance and that's the Midiman/M-Audio Delta Dio 24/96 and it's twin, the DC Pro 24/96. Midiman also have a 24/96 DAC to match.

The Delta Dio 24/96 is my next soundcard definitely.

Most cheap consumer grade soundcards do not have acceptable DAC's.

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I'd like to throw together a small computer and put ripped CD music on it. What kind of sound card should I use? Do they have sound cards for PC's that use Burr Brown or Crystal DAC's? Crystal is/is part of Cirrus Logic, right? They've been making PC sound,graphic, and network cards for a long time. Does anyone have a recomendation for a good PC soundcard that will match up well with a ~ $6000 stereo system?

I'm not going to be doing any original recording (I don't have any talent). It will just be 44/16 .WAV files.
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