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What's a real good projector & screen?

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Hello I'm new to the whole projector era and dont know diddly squat about them. I'm pretty good with the whole home audio but when it comes to the video part of it I'm pretty dumb. I've honestly been considering getting a really nice projector and a really sharp detailed crystal clear projetor screen for whenever I move. But one concern I've been having about getting a projector & screen VS getting a really big sharp detailed crystal clear plasma to hang on the wall is: with a projector can I still hook my cable box up to it so that I can still watch regular TV? And can I hook my DVD player up to it so that I can watch DVD's? How do you work the projector? I mean do you go out and buy projector roll's or how do you do it?
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Read everything at www.projectorcentral.com to get the basics then come back and post your price range.

Here are some more basics http://www.***************.com/forum...cfm?which=3088
Yes, you can hook up your DVD, cable box, PC, or what ever else you want, just like a Plasma. The first thing you want to ask yourself is do you want everyday tv/news etc. watching, or do you really want "The Big Screen" experience for movie watching, and/or High Definition sports etc? Getting a projector will enable you go much larger than the largest 65" and 70" displays and still have a very sharp vivid picture (In the right conditions, as ambient light is the enemy for projectors). If one has the funds, then using a Plasma for daily TV watching with a projector and drop down screen for the movie going experience can be ideal.

My advise to you is to go out and do a lot of research on the topic as everyone's values, uses, and environments are different. You will get several opinions but each projector/screen combo has their strengths and weaknesses. Of course the more you are willing to spend the less you will need to compromise. So your budget is an important factor here. Take it from a guy that was on a very modest budget ($3K) and faced with figuring this out just 6 short months ago myself. I can tell you that I am thrilled with my meager 120" setup as it sits now. But for me this was just a start and I am looking for a new projector as my values have changed based on owning vs. reading about everyone elses values. I have learned that I want a brighter picture for instance and the all mighty contrast ratio is not my number one concern. However, many people seek the "videofile" type image optimized for black room viewing. And I have seen people also using two projectors now, one for daily use and the other for lights out movie watching....interesting combo...

So as you can see, there are many things to consider and learn. There is a wealth of information on this forum, but it takes some time to sift through it. And then there are screen choices, for which there are many.....

Good luck and half the fun for me is the research!

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