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If I Sell My Klipsch KLF 20's and Denon 3311CI What Should I Get?


I’ve hobbled together a mid-fi surround sound system and am seeking recommendations on what would take it to the next level. I’m not married to any of these components and would readily sell off some to buy something better.

What’s the upgrade order?
Receiver, then Front Speakers, Sub, and Rears OR
Fronts, Sub, Surround, Rears OR
Receiver, Pre-Amp for Fronts, Sub, Surround, Rears OR...???

My Current Setup
Front L/R:Klipsch KLF 20’s
Center: KEFIQ60c which replaced a Klipsch KSF-C5 this past weekend
Surrounds: Vandersteen 1’s
Rear L/R:Boston Acoustics Micro 120X ç I know, I know, sorry.
Subwoofer Dayton Sub-120 HT
Receiver: Denon 3311CI which replaced my old RCA RT2500 2 weeks ago.
Just for fun, I also connected the Boston sub below.

My Upgrade Idea: (Upgrade within reason)
Denon X4000 receiver to get MultEQ XT32 and HDMI to all zones
Front L/R: Vandersteen 2CE’s or 2CI’s
Rear L/R: Paradigm Titans or Dayton B652’s
Sub: ????

Other speakers I have and am willing to part with:
2 Dahlquist M909 floor standing speakers
2 CerwinVega AT-8’s that need refoaming
2 CerwinVega D-5’s that need refoaming
1 Klipsch KSF-C5 center channel
1 KEF T301 Ccenter channel
1 Boston Acoustics MicroCenter center channel
1 Boston Acoustics PV700 12” sub
1 Bose Acoustimass5 Series II Subwoofer (The only reason I have it is because it was free)

BTW, Ibought all the Boston stuff 2 weeks ago for $40 at Goodwill.

Thanks inAdvance,


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Here's one more try for advice.

I put the Klipsch back as my center channel after several AB tests against the KEF IQ60 center. The KEF is much better in the low to mid ranges. Using Rambo - The Fight Continues as a reference, you can feel the thump thump of the jeep mounted high caliber machine gun with the KEF, but it barely registers with the Klipsch C5. By contrast, the Klipsch outperforms in the high frequency ranges which was highlighted in House of Flying Daggers.

I think it starts in scene 3 when the heroine has to prove she's blind. Before the "Blind Woman Drum Circle Challenge", her "madame" takes a breath standing behind a curtain of beads. The breath she takes is so clear with the Klipsch, I can almost smell what she ate for breakfast. Same scene with the KEF and the breath the madame takes is barely there.

I believe the high frequency difference is due to the 6inch horn tweeter in the Klipsch. Could more power to the KEF produce clearer highs?


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