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What's best 50' CRT?

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I'm reading that CRT has better picture quality then LCD, DLP, but the disadvantage is size and weight? Well, I got the room so why not CRT. So far I heard the Sony KD-34XBR960 is the best, but I'm looking for a tube that is in the 50'' or more range....if there is one lol. :p

Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks! :cool:


sorry....I think I got this on the wrong forum... :( thanks anyways :eek:
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If you want for 50" or more, then you need to look for a rear projection. The

largest tube crt that I am aware of is about 36". The physical mass of a tube crt

the size of 50" would just be ungodly. I am going to guess that you are looking

for a RP CRT? These do not use tubes. There are several threads addressing that

issue, but here are a few models that have been mentioned to help get you


(no particular order)

Samsung 47" HC-R4755W

Hitachi 51" 51F710A

Sony 51" KDP-51WS655

Toshiba 51" 51HC85

Mitsubishi 55" WS-55517

Most of these models have larger versions available if you want something bigger.

C Snyder
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I am blown away by the pq om my hitachi ultravision 51s500. I think there is a newer model. Even from a side view it looks good, just looses a little brightness. I looked at ; sony, toshiba, jvc, mits among others. For me it was ultravision hands down. ;)
I would take a look at the Sony KP-51WS520. I've had several experienced ISF techs tell me how impressed they were with the optics.
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