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Ok, I built myself a 145" BOC screen and painted it and it's gorgeous. That said, I have my 126" Draper M2500 to contend with. At the time I bought it, it was rated at 2.5 gain--I see now Draper M2500s have been toned down to 1.5 gain. Yes, I do see some vague "tire tracks" on the screen especially when very white images are shown. These were due to the manufacturing process of laying down the screen finish--so they told me--and I think that's why they reduced the gain on this. Anyway, what is this worth these days? It's a Cineperm screen (aluminium tubing and snap on vinyl screen with 2" black edging). One advantage is, it's angular reflective as opposed to the Dalite High Power which is retro-reflective, but it does hot spot with a bright projector.
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