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What's my next step (speaker selection)??

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Okay...I'm feeling like I'm at an impasse when it comes to selecting speakers. My $1000 total budget has slowly crept up. There are speakers I'd like to demo but can't find anybody who carries them... Here's where I am:

I went to Magnolia, and auditioned Boston VR2 vs. DefTech BP10's. I liked the Bostons

I went to CC, and auditioned the Infinity Primus 250 and Beta 50 against Polk Monitor 50's and 70's. The Monitor 70's won in a landslide.

I went to Fry's for the Polk Monitor 60's and 70's against Polk RTi8's and RTi10's. It's either the 70's or the RTi's. The RTi10 is really out of my league, so I guess it's just the RTi8's...which are actually cheaper than the Monitor 70's.

I went to Good Guys and listened to the Energy C5's and C7's, the Klipsch SF2's and Monitor Bronze 4's and Silver 8's (Silver 8's nice...but $$$!!!) I really didn't like any thing else. The Energys were flat and a little muffled, the Klipsch were too harsh. The MA Bronze were good, but not enough low end for me (especially compared to the RTi's and the Boston VR2)

I went to BB and couldn't hear a thing with their f'd up demo system. I'm interested in the JBL E80's, and the mythical Athena F-2's. One part of me feels that there are lots of other choices out there, and that I need to listen to all of them, but is that really true?

I'm hoping someone out there, based on what I've just told you, can tell me what, if any of these other choices I should pursue. I'd really like to keep the mains
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If you're going to be using a sub, don't worry too much about the deep bass. Also, be very careful judging bass in an unknown room.

I don't know the internet brands, sorry.

Of those that I do know, from what you listed, the Monitor Audio to me would be choice.
I am not ready to replace my good, old, made out of wood not plastic Klipschs yet, but I researched speakers the last couple months because I knew I would be looking soon. At the end of the day, given the reviews, price and seemingly overwhelming customer satisfaction I decided when that time rolls around you can't beat Onix Rockets for the money. That said, they have a package deal right now for $1699 that snags you two pair of 550s and their monster center channel. These all use the vifa ring tweeter, and though I would personally like larger floor standers for up front, the logic of having matching speakers all the way around is undeniable.

I realize this is $700 more than your budget, but it is a smokin' deal that would likely fill your needs for the next 15-20 years. See if you can find someone close to home who has some and give them a listen. I always found that for myself it was better to spend more than I could afford to get what I needed instead of settling, which inevitably is more expensive because sooner or later I will buy what I wanted in the first place. Good luck with your hunt.
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How did you feel the monitor audios compared to the polk's?
re: Monitor vs. Polk

It's tough to compare. The Polks were the first thing I listened to that day, and the MA's were the last, with all that other stuff in between. The MA Bronze4 was very nice. Very detailed, but not overly bright. My only real complaint with them was the lack of bass response. I know that I could supplement this with a sub, but I'm really looking for a very nice full-range front, which I felt the Polks delivered better.

I've been reading this forum for some time now, but it wasn't until I heard the Polk RTi's that I understood what words like "soundstage" and "imaging" really meant. I asked the guy twice "Are you sure there's no center channel on?" I didn't get that impression from the MA's, but it was in an inferior room, so it might not be the speakers' fault.

What about JBL E80/E90 vs. Fluance? They're about the same price. The JBL's are really my first choice from a budget standpoint, but having not heard them...
Originally posted by gmikol
I went to BB and couldn't hear a thing with their f'd up demo system. I'm interested in the JBL E80's, and the mythical Athena F-2's. One part of me feels that there are lots of other choices out there, and that I need to listen to all of them, but is that really true?
I have listened to many of those speakers, and could add something. The Athena and JBL speakers fell short of the Polks you mention and many other brands. I wouldn't worry too much about Athena and JBL, since you seem to like the Polks anyhow.
if your in the SF bay area.. go San Francisco Stereo on Market St. Take a listen to the 602s3. Also.. House of Music on 9th and Brannan has Kef speakers which I just heard and sound pretty good too. I'm considering the Q1's for my rear surrounds.
Make your life easy and take advantage of the deal at vanns.com before they are out of the discontinued Klipsch synergy f3's. I purchased 2 F3's, one SC3 (center), and 2 F2's for surround (they also have the SS3 for surround-I listen to alot of music so I went with the F2's instead). I have that grouped with a JBL PB12 Sub. Couldn't be better for the money. Not countin the sub - I paid $1020.00 with free delivery - recvd. the stuff in about 4 bsns. days. Greg Martin 1-800-769-5668 ext: (2225) can hook you up.
Check out Paradigm if you get the chance. They have speaker lines that range from budget to audiophile. One of the few brands that manufacturer their own drivers, and I think you will be impressed with the sound, considering your descriptions of what you like/dislike. The Performance line should be within your budget.
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