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Whats on your theater walls? Post your pix!

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Dont have anything on my walls. I had up a huge vinyl banner, but it reflected way too much light and the same goes for frames. I know you can get the non glare glass, but Im saying no :) I must add another coat of paint soon, and split the colors on the wall (its all black)
Dave: Nice pics....I really like the retro theme. I noticed you have some posters produced by Hatch Show Print Shop. I collect them too for particular artists....Springsteen and Costello. They have produce three Bruce posters (1 Ryman show, 1 charity event and 1 for his Live NY Concert CD) I think there has been two Elvis posters and another on the way...upcoming March show at the Ryman. Very cool and collectable.

On to the topic....

I have all SW posters in my theater and lobby. They are all of the original insert style posters produced for the Ep. 4-6. I also have stills and studio shots of SW films autographed by the actors. You can see the pics in my gallary link (above)/
i'm working on some paintings for my room right now. doing some scenes from taxi driver and donnie darko.
Just my homemade poster box ...


I'm building another one to cover the breaker panel. And my local hardware store cuts glass to size for half the cost of the plexiglass I used in the original frame. I installed recessed clock recepticles to hide the cord.
Here is what is on mine. The only downside to the new darkened room is that it is a pain in the butt to get good pictures without a flash. These are the best I could muster on short notice:

One my rear wall I have a Titanic Movie poster along with a piece of the deck planking used in the full size mock up James Cameron had built in Mexico for the filming of the movie. I also have framed replicas of the actual Titanic Boarding Pass and Luggage tags.

http://www.shangreer.com/ht_images\ itanic.jpg

Beside that I have a Star Trek Nemesis poster (not shown) along with a Star Trek: The Next Generation Communicator pin that was purchased from Paramount Pictures, a Hawaii Police Badge used by Kari Wuhrer in the movie Final Examination and a replica blade from the movie Blade. Not shown, since I do not have a proper display case yet, is a screen used Hero phaser from Star Trek: Voyager. The phaser was used by and signed by Garrett Wang, who played Ensign Harry Kim.


For my shrine to Marilyn, I have a simple poster as well as a Mask-type thing my parents purchased for me from Marilyn's estate. Not sure if it is worth anything, but it is old and looks cool.


I also have two lighted signs purchased from a seller in Hong Kong.


In my theater, there is an alcove that I will eventually have component cabinets built into. On either side of the alcove is a window with a small piece of wall in between. I kept trying to figure out what to put there and finally came up with these replica sword. Once is Aragorn's sword from LOTR and the other is a replica of Excalibur.

http://www.shangreer.com/ht_images\\aragorn.jpg http://www.shangreer.com/ht_images\\excalibur.jpg

I also have a really cool poster that I will light when I build my light boxes. It is a montage of all of the famous spots in Hollywood, such as Mann's CHinese Theater, the Hollywood sign, etc.


These were very difficult to get a shot of and it still did not come out very well. They are my Home Theater Sound System plaques purchased from a gentleman in sweden that makes these by hand. They look really awesome in person. Very subdued and classy.


Also not pictured, since they are not built yet will be 4 custom lightboxes with a Titanic, Star Trek Nemesis, Signs and Assault On Precinct 13 movie posters in them. I am building them using a front loading aluminum frame bought from spotlight Displays so I will buy more posters and swap them out from time to time.

Well that is about it. Thanks for looking.

Your homemade poster box is well, ur "Incredible"!
Thanks pcdoc...

I just checked out your homepage and your equipment rack looks eerily like mine (except my shelves are squished closer).
Originally posted by davew61

I love this plaque,its resin and dates back to the 30s.


That plaque is great, where'd you get it? Is a reproduction?

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this is the entrance. lightboxes, candy machine and the like
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dts signs (courtesy of some awsome avs'ers)
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back wall, just posters
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movie reels and concession stuff. all in all not a whole lot of stuff. i'm not much for clutter
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Can you share your sources for the lighted Sound System signs and the nice sound system plaques?

They are very nice and I would love to get some for my new theater.

I got the Lighted signs off E-bay. Just do a search for "Light DTS" and then look at the sellers other items. Here is a link to the seller I bought from (replace the * with an e):


For the sound system plaques, you can get them here:


The sound system plaques are pretty expensive and shipping is steep, but I would pay for them all over again without question. He does a very good job with them.
Hey Shan, what language is that.
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