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What's the best 5.1 Reciever for Dirt Cheap under $300

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I have a Yamaha RXV-2092, which is a decent reciever for my main home theater setup, but I need a real cheapo reciever for an extra room, which is real small and doesn't need much power. However, there are now a ton of under $300 5.1 recievers out there, and I'm trying to find one that is pretty decent. I know alot of them are horrible, and I would like to avoid that. If anybody knows of a current model # and brand that is really good, at $299.99 or under, please let me know. Thanks.
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For the cost any low end kenwood can't be beat.


Evan Adams

[email protected]
You can pick up some steals at ubid.com. Go to the high end room off of the consumer electronics menu. Most of there stuff is new, with manufacturers warranty. In the last few months I have purchased a bunch of stuff from them, from Citation amps to to a Sherwood receiver for a second home theater. Check it out.

Yes, I agree with Carl. I recently picked up a Sherwood RVD-8090R for $159 to use in my bedroom system. It has 100 WPC, DD and DTS, but only has composite video inputs, but is certainly a great performer and a good deal at that price. And like Evan mentioned, Kenwood has some really great low end recievers, and they are available at Ubid also.

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I just read in another forum that the Kenwood 410 can do Circle Surround for 300 bucks street!
Lowest I've seen the 410 for is 360!

It does have Cs though
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