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what's the best cable box for me to get?

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hey guys. i've got regular cable and am looking to pick up the HD channels. i don't want to pay for the digital cable service from my provider so i'm just looking for a cable box that will let me pick up my local HD channels. i suppose an antenna would work too... how expensive are those?

what do you guys think my best option is?
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Get a used Sony HD 200 or 300 from ebay and plug your cable into it (cable in) and a indoor antenna and plug it into "antenna in" and then plug the satellite box into the tv. Should work, the Sony doesn't have to be activated to work.
advice for an indoor antenna to use?
oh... also... i was able to locate a friend's old "Voom" box. it has everything i need, but when i went to connect it, i got an on screen menu that said the box was not activated or something along those lines. any way to get around this?
Does your TV have a qam tuner? If so, you should be able to just plug the cable directly into the set. This 'should' give you all of the local HD.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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