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What's the best HDTV setup program from these???

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As earlier noted, I am a newbie to the rptv and rphdtv experience but I am wondering which of the three set-up programs below is the best???? And which one is better for a newbie????

1.) AVIA

2.) Video Essentials

3.) Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune Up

Just looking ahead to be ready when I purchase my set......


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Bump. Ran across this thread while searching for the exact same thing. Bought a new RPTV today.
I think Avia and the S&V disc are easier to use than Video Essentials. S&V produced its disc in cooperation with Ovation Software, which is the company behind Avia. (S&V's technical editor had worked with Ovation on the Avia disc originally, so there's a lot of commonality.) Of the two, the Avia disc has more advanced stuff on it, whereas the S&V disc is easier to use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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