There are many different items that go into putting together a top-notch home theater, but aside from the projector and screen, one of the defining elements is dedicated home theater seating. Home theater furniture is specifically adapted to this application, and typically offers far more room, and comfort, than the seats you find in commercial cinemas, while offering similar functionality with drink holders, arm rests, reclining, and a design that's conducive to creating rows.

But, choosing home theater seating is not as easy as going to your local IKEA and trying it out. It's a specialty product, and even if you go to and AV retailer, you are likely to only encounter one or two brands... not a showroom full of different home theater seating options.

That is how you, AVS forum members, can help. We're looking for your suggestions for some of the best options in home theater seating. After all, this is the world's leading site for the AV hobby and as a result, you are the subject matter experts!

Of course, the word "best" is a relative concept. Because people have different preferences for seating, whether it's cloth versus leather, soft versus firm cushions, And the overall size and shape of the seat, there is no one actual "best" option. But, with your help, at least we can highlight a number of options that together qualify as best! Top results from suggestions will be compiled into a “Best Home Theater Seating” list that’s informed by your nominations, and if you leave a snappy description of what you like the most about the seating you suggested, that too will be included in the list.

We're looking forward to your suggestions! Thanks.

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