When it comes to content streaming, podcasting is big business. And these days getting set up to share your thoughts with an online audience is easier than ever thanks to podcast kits. But, the question is, what's the best podcast kit?

Of course, one of the key elements to any podcast kit is the microphone. So, in a sense, the question could easily be taken as "What's The Best Podcast Microphone", and you can simply add a computer and some editing software to the mix. And if you want to be more professional about it, you'd also look at the space where you intend to record and ensure it provides adequate acoustics, namely that it avoids reverb and echo.

Depending on the setup, one could choose a passive microphone and some sort of USB audio interface, or else one of the numerous USB mics that are available. The main "ask" in this post is for suggestions in this area. Do you have a preferred mic and audio interface combo? Or have you gone all-in-one and have a favorite among the USB mics out there?

Beyond the microphone, a self-respecting podcaster will want to invest in some good headphones, so they can easily check the quality of what they recorded and make any appropriate adjustments. So, if you’re inclined, please offer a suggestion of a microphone and headphones combination (they certainly do not need to be sold together, or even be the same brand).

Other elements of a podcast kit include the windscreen, the mic stand, and also acoustic treatments to improve clarity.

Also, if you are able, please leave a brief description as to why you picked what you picked. At some point near future, this article will be updated and suggestions from the comments that follow. Your input on this topic is much appreciated.