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I currently have a Samsung T260HD LCD/HDTV

Computer Connected DVI to the Monitor

Sound Card (Creative XFI Platinum) Connected to PC/DVI-D In

Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speakers Connected to the Headphone Out jack on the Monitor

HD STB (Cable Box) Connected via HDMI to the Monitor

And I have a perfectly working setup, I can control the volume in Windows 7, use the rotating volume control on the creative speakers, or when watching TV just use the remote and have the monitor raise and lower the volume.

Audio switching is done perfectly, I go from HDMI to DVI and the sound switches.

Now my problem is Im thinking of getting a HP 2475w, monitor only no built in TV tuner or speakers, It has HDMI in, and Digital Audio Out, how would I go about connecting this the best way possible?

Do I need a receiver which would handle the audio switching? Seems like overkill.


Samsung Euro Model Photo

My Setup Cable Box Far Left

HP Monitor

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