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whats the best way to hook up new video card to tv?

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just got my new evga 8600 gts superclock card in. I see it has 2 dual link dvi ports (hdcp enabled) and a component dongle adapter. it will go in my new htpc. which is:

amd x2-4800/asus nforce 4 board

2 gig ram

2 wd 500 gig hard drive

sony blu-ray burner/reader

and vista ultimate 32bit w/ slysoft anyDVD HD

so what is the best way to hook up this htpc to my 60" sony sxrd? I want the best picture quality available for watching all movies on it especially blu-ray movies. my tv has available hdmi ports (hdcp), component ports, and a vga port. I'm guessing if I use the component dongle the anyDVD HD will bypass the hdcp in my blu-ray movies and wont lose any resolution. I have a dvi to hdmi monster cable but not sure if that will even work on a pc. so I'm sure I'll have to play with it a bit to get optimal viewing quality but I have no idea which way I should go to start with in hooking this thing up to the tv.

thanks guys.
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Component would be good. Doesn't that card support HDCP over DVI-I?

That would be better I would think.
yeah "hdcp enabled". so that's what I'm asking, "what is the best possible connection between the computer and the tv that will give me the BEST picture qualilty"

Right now on my set up I use both component and dvi/hdmi. IF I want to browse the net or play a game I use the component, or if I'm going to watch a movie I use dvi/hdmi. Reason I do this is my Samsung HL-S6187w has a nasty overscan with dvi/hdmi and I have to use a res of 1768 x 992. IT's a pain to do it this way but the image and color over the dvi/hdmi is alot better then the component.
is there a way to get 1920x1080 resolution from this card to the tv?
I don't see any reason why you couldn't get a 1920 x 1080 res. I don't have your tv so I can't say if you'll end up with an overscan. In the Nvidia CP there will be options for what res to run your tv at such as 480i, 480p and all the way up to 1080i and 1080p. However if you use dvi/hdmi and end up with an overscan you will need to drop the res a little bit to make your screen fit. Thats how I ended up with a 1768 x 992 res. Right now I have both component and dvi/hdmi running a 1920 x 1080 res. I have overscan on the dvi/hdmi but for movies thats ok with me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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