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Whats the better center channel? General mid/tweet/woof question

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Generally what would you prefer for a center if you didnt have company name or anything just speacs.

Center 1)

Design---> 2-Way Loudspeaker

Bass Driver-----> Dual 5'' Drivers

MIDrange-------> NA(not available doesnt have one)

tweeter---------> 1'' Polycarbonate wideband microfiber dome

power handling-> 125 Watts

Frequency Response--> 70Hz - 35kHz

Center 2)

Design---> 2-Way, Bass Reflex Center Channel

Bass Driver-----> NA(not available doesnt have one)

Midrange Driver(s) Center----> Dual 4''

Tweeter--------> 1'' polycarbonate

Power Handling ----> 150 Watts (Center)

Those are the general specs. Basically the difference I see is one has a woofer the other a mid. And the slight power diffferences. So in a 7.1 HT application whats more desirable in a center channel, woofer or mid? Thanks!
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Actually, one has two woofers and the other two mids.

Interesting dichotomy: the "non-woofer" speaker is called "bass reflex" (ported).

Okay, for the sake of this discussion, the only real difference is dual 5's vs. dual 4's. All other things being equal, the larger speaker is better, as it moves more air and/or requires less excursion (travel) to do so.

The larger-drivered center 'should' produce a more-seamless transition, or interaction, with the system's low-frequency reproducers. Only auditioning both will tell for sure which is the better match for your system.
I'd go for the centre that best matches the surrounds. Identical would be best.
Actually both centers are the same brand as my other speakers.

So they should all match pretty well. Will the larger one make that big of a difference?

Generally, if you want the best "timbre" match, go with the centre that has the most similar driver complement to your front surrounds. So if you Front Left / Right speakers more closely resemble centre 1 go for that.
My fronts are

Design 3-way Floorstanding

Bass Driver(s) 6 1/2'' Woofer and 6 1/2'' Passive Radiator

Midrange Driver(s) 2.5'' Bi-laminate P.E.T. cone

Tweeter Driver(s) 1'' Polycarbonate wideband microfiber dome tweeter

Power Handling 160 Watts

Frequency Response 45Hz - 35kHz
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hmm tough call but I would go with #1 as the tweeters look like a match and as Larry said - all things being equal the 5" drivers will go lower and play louder.
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