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What's the deal on Panasonic 850U availability?

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I know the 850U is new and all, but from what I've read here I thought it was already widely available, so I decided to go and check out how the local appliance stores around here are pricing it.

Well, they don't have it. They have the 800U at GREAT prices (I love the small independent stores over here), but no 850U at all and since they aren't really Panasonic experts they couldn't even tell me when it'd be available, just that it is not currently available.

They could deliver the 800U models in less than a week though.

Does anyone know what the deal is with 850U availability? Is it being rolled out to authorized dealers first, then to everyone else? Or is it just hard to get now because it's so new manufacturing can't keep up with demand?

Does anyone have any information about when should I expect the 850U to be available everywhere?

I really, really want the 850U, but if it's gonna be a month before it rolls out nationwide, I don't think I can wait that long. The new house I'm moving this week is in dire need of a living room TV.
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I was wondering the same thing. Best Buy (here in Colorado) has had one in their Magnolia section since launch and a few in stock. But, the Ultimate Electronics next door doesn't even have it in their computer yet. From what the sales rep said at Best Buy is they are on contract to get the new sets first before the other major retailers.

So, your independent retailer may be last on the list after larger big box stores who clear more inventory.
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