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What's the deal on the new Pitch Black DVD?

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Just found out today there's a new disc coming out in two short weeks. Can't seem to get alot of concrete info on it. First off, will it still have the sweet DTS track? Also, is it two discs or one (conflicting info there)? Does it contain the unrated director's cut stuff as well? Finally, is it a new transfer or the same as the original release?
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And some more.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black (Unrated Director's Cut) (Widescreen) (2000)

Starring: Vin Diesel, Judi Dench, Colm Feore, Alexa Davalos, Karl Urban

Directed by: David Twohy


DVD Features:

Number of Discs: 1-Disc

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 2.35:1


5.1 Dolby Digital - English

5.1 Dolby Stereo - English

Subtitles: French, Spanish

Additional Release Material:

Introduction by David Twohy

The Making of Pitch Black

Johns Case Log

Feature Commentary with Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser and Director David Twohy

Feature Commentary with Director David Twohy, Producer Tom Engleman and Visual Effects Supervisor Peter Chiang

Dark Fury: Advancing the Arc

The Chronicles of Riddick Website

The Chronicles of Riddick Visual Encyclopedia

A View Into the Dark

Interactive Features:

Scene Access

Interactive Menus


Distributor: Universal Home Video

Release Format: DVD

Original Release Date: 2000

Closed Captioned: Yes

Extra Info: Unrated Director's Cut
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Hmm looks like the exact same release but with new extras which I have little interest in...
One thing is for sure, it would be almost impossible to improve upon the PQ of the original. Plus the original is available with DTS.
Okay, now that it is out, I have to ask...is it a new transfer?

And to clarify, the DTS track is still on the re-issue. I saw it at Best Buy today.

Did anyone pick it up? Curious to see the differences.
There is indeed a DTS track and the transfer is as good or very slightly better if not the exact same whith very little additional footage.

The only place in the film were there is an obvious difference is were Riddick and Johns face off in the dark.

There is a ticket to The Riddick Chronicles up to 10.50 included also.

This is the unrated directors cut BTW.

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Yep... The big difference is going to be the free ticket for the Chronicles of Riddick. Still debating this purchase myself. I liked Pitch Black and dont own it, just dont know if its something I *want* to own.
>>> What's the deal on the new Pitch Black DVD?
I read somewhere that the new disc actually has a DTS EX (6.1) track. Can anyone confirm?
Originally posted by M_Stiles
I read somewhere that the new disc actually has a DTS EX (6.1) track. Can anyone confirm?
Only dts 5.1 on my copy.

It has the same transfer and audio tracks as the original release.
Well I bought it. It was $17.99 and included the movie ticket which I need anyway. That knocks the price down to $7.99. I traded in my pitch black dvd to EB for $4.00, so the dvd ended up costing me just $3.99. Good deal and a shiny new box for my trouble. The transfer is identical on my monitor and the DTS track is the same as well.
It is a DTS-ES matrixed 5.1 track without the proper flag to auto-engage ES matrix decoding on compatible receivers and pre-amps. You have to force the decoder into ES mode.

Did they make the movie any better by updating the script with better dialogue and making Vin act better? If not, I'll pass on this release like I WISH I had the first one. Anyone wanna buy this POS?

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