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Why are AVR manufacturers not supporting video streaming through DLNA? I have read some Sony models offer limited support but that's it. All other manufacturers are only supporting access to audio and photos. It's like they are purposefully limiting their products. Case in point, Compare the feature descriptions of these two Pioneer products...


Pioneer Elite PureVision Plasma HDTV (released in 2006)

... easily connects to an existing home network via Ethernet or USB. This feature provides users direct access to movies, music and photos stored on a networked PC or any other DLNA compliant device for immediate viewing on the plasma in stunning HD quality.


Pioneer Elite VSX-80 Networked AV Receiver (to be released in 2014)

The VSX-80 also supports DLNA® 1.5 media streaming, which lets you access your favorite music from a DLNA server or computer connected to the same home network.


So Pioneer has been supporting video streaming via DLNA for 8 years now. But to date, not on the one device that should support it, the Audio/Video Receiver!


This should be a basic feature of any network enabled receiver. Do you agree? Am I missing something?
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