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What's the difference between ???

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Would some -one be able to tell me the difference between the scan converters nec idc-1000 and nec idc-3000 and where to buy and at what sort of price ?

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Firstly, both of them are line doublers, so the output of them are exactly the same as they both output a 31.5Khz signal. That being said there are quite a few differences in them. The IDC1000 is the first line doubler NEC made, the 3000 is much newer. The 1000 runs really hot, sometimes so hot it affects operation, the 3000 doesn't suffer from this. The 3000 has more inputs, four or five, I think, whereas the 1000 only has two.

The 1000 has IR access to all picture controls, the 3000 only has IR access to tint, color and detail. The motion compensation in the 3000 is somewhat better, but for tv, I prefer the 1000, but thats just me.

Neither has component input, and I also think neither has VGA pass through. The VGA input on the 1000 is for VIDEO to be line doubled, NOT a pass through. Usually the IDC1000 is cheaper. I prefer to pay around $100.-$150.US for the 1000, but would go to maybe $225. for the 3000. In my opinion, and its just my opinion, ANY IDC is better than a DVDO, though, as the DVDO has no useful picture adjustment controls(including the one that has them, as they are too rudimentary to be of any usefulness.)

Hope this helps.
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They're still only doublers. Really you need higher res if you are connecting it to any EM NEC. Lumagen, HTPC, etc.

that helps alot thanks And where would one look for it at that price with good remote ?
Getting the remote with the line doubler, would be a miracle, in my experience. I've got the remote codes stored in my Pronto, I can send you the ccf file if you have a Pronto. Finding the remote with them, however is rare, and should command a premium. Check videogon(the "Marketplace" linked at the top) as well as ebay, of course.
I've got a couple IDC-1000's I'm not using and would sell for $125 + shipping and PayPal fees. No remotes or manuals though.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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