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A few months ago I was looking at the NVidia 8600/8500 vs the ATI 2600 series cards.

After pages and pages of threads I decided not to purchase a card as it seemed the drivers were not quite up to scratch! HW Accel wasnt working that well etc.

So whats the latest?

I need a new gfx card to play BBC HD and ITV HD smoothly on my HTPC using PowerDVD.

1. Can these channels be accelerated? (i.e. I hope they are not in some H.264 variation format that cant be accelerated).

2. Which are the latest cards? i.e. what has come along and replaced the 8600 and 2600 range?

I do not want to play any games, its purely a PC for TV. I am buying the card to play BBC HD and ITV HD. All SD tv plays fine via FFDShow.

Thanks in advance!

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