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What's the value of a boxed PV-HD1000 VCR?

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I've decided to sell my two brand-new-in-the-box Panasonic PV-HD1000 VCR's.

What's the fair market price for these units? Is it better to sell it with the setup box of DST-TU50 or by itself?
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Ill give you $50.00
When trying to determine fair market value for items like this I like to figure the average selling price of the last 10 or so eBay transactions for that particular item, and if you did such a calculation I think you would find that the fair market price as of today is around $1000.

There was one PV-HD1000 that sold for around $2000 about a week ago but that is a very uncommon exception to the usual rule.

To answer the second question I believe it's best from the buyer's point of view if you bundle a TU-DST50/51 with the VCR as one is essentially useless without the other (at least as far as HDTV recording is concerned). In that case I believe that $1500 is a reasonable price to ask for the pair (that's what I paid on eBay about 4 months ago). I've not regretted the purchase one iota since then and feel it's been worth every penny.

It infuriates me that the antics of the MPAA and others are denying all members of the HDTV early adopter family the ability to time-shift HDTV material for their personal use.
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I have in the past month seen the HD1000 at a Good Guy's store for $399, and a TU-50W in a CC store for $199.

Both were display models, missing some items such as a remote or manual. But it gives you some idea of the current retail values.
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