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What's True and What's Technobabble About Wire

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“So I was fooling around with different kinds of cable that you can connect a speaker with. I got different grades of copper and I listened to each one and by ear I came up with something that sounded better than ordinary wire.†What made the difference was the quality of the winding, the quality of the copper, the quality of the insulation material, greater surface area on the copper to enable it to conduct more of the current from the amplifier.

“The connection points were all gold-plated so you get a better transfer at the connection to the speaker.â€

Having come up with a superior speaker wire, _________ faced the more challenging task of selling them to people used to getting speaker wires thrown in for free.


I'm sure most, if not all of you can guess the name of the person that is quoted.
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What's your point?
__________= Noel Lee

Now why are you asking the question? Are you a salesman or a hot dog vendor at

"Monster Park?"

Everyone knows that different guage wires will sound different and silver sounds different than copper or zinc. But that's about it. Everything else is 'who knows'. The one that is better is the one that you like.

Freezing any type of wire first will improve its performance......after it's properly broken in of course ;)

should you get them fully saturated before or after break in??:p
copper is copper.....

get a cable that is of sufficient gauge for the distance/power that you need and forget all the rest......


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And be sure to run them along the floor where the electron pressure is greater.
Originally posted by DMF
What's your point?
What's your's?


No, I am not a salesperson for Monster Cable (though I'm sure the commissions aren't too bad) - anyway, it's not like they need me with all the advertising $$$ they have shilling their wares ("Monster Cable...what the professionals use").

I agree, that, generally, copper is copper, and that any well-made copper wire of sufficient gauge is more than adequate for most people's needs.

As far as high-end "boutique" cable (no - Monster Cable does not qualify), it's fine for people (with seriously mega $$$ gear) willing to spend the $$$, though I think that any improvements that they may hear is simply the "coloration" of that particular cable (after all, diff. speakers mate diff. with diff. amps, etc.).

The question that I have is before Mr. Lee came up with "superior" wire in the late 1970's, did people with mid-fi and hi-fi gear simply use the crappy 18 gauge zip cord (that you find in HTIB and mini-systems today) - was that all that was available in audio/electronic stores 25 years ago? (I'm sure better grade wire was available at the local hardware store.)

Interesting note - I have some friends in the recording business and they do not use gold-plated connections - too much problem with the gold-plating flaking off.


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If I remember correctly, it was a guy named Bob Fulton who first came up with "high end" cable, not Noel Lee. Fulton made high end loudspeakers. He could be thought of as the Thiel of the '60s. He came up with speaker cables first. There were the Fulton Browns, which I still have a pair of, and the Golds (if I remember correctly). The latter were garden hose thick. The browns looked about like average decent quality speaker cable of today. This would have been sometime in the late '60s. There were no competitors to Fulton for quite a while, as I recollect. I'm not sure if Fulton ever got into interconnects. If I also remember correctly, Bob Fulton died fairly young.
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Cable is not supposed to have any audibile properties. If it does, something is wrong.
Put me down for Dodger Dogs. I've been to many a ballpark, and they're still the best...

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Fenway Franks just got a whole lot better :D
Don't think I'd want to try any 86-year old hot dogs...
Is there any difference in sound quality between using a banana connector and bare wire?
Not that it has anything to do with hot dogs, but ...

Every connection is a potential failure point. If the connection becomes loose or corroded, you can experience some attenuation. A banana adds another connection to the chain, so another potential point of failure. (The tradeoff is easier connecting and disconnecting.) Assuming that all connections are solid, then No, it does not make any difference in sound quality.
The truth on all those fancy audiophile cables is that people like Mr Lee and Mr Kimber love the profit its brings them. I think they would be the first to thank all customers for their kind and generous donation to the cause.

I agree that there should be no discernable diff. in sound between good quality copper wire. My point is that people who buy the high-end stuff often perceive an "improvement" b/c that wire that has a "coloration" (due to the manufacturer adding silver, etc. - which may make the sound of their particular gear more appealing to their ears (granted, for most people - it is the placebo effect). In many cases, certain high-end wire has a "coloration" that make a particular set-up sound worse than some cheap zip cord.


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