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Whats up with TVAuthority website???

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I've been away from these forums for several months and found that the TV Authority website no longer exists. Did they go out of business or is it just a coincidence that their site has crashed right when I'm trying to view it?
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I clicked on their sponser box at the top of the forum and their site came right up without problem.
Thanks for the reply. Atleast I know they are still in business. I tried again with no luck and even tried with the Firefox browser just incase IE was acting up but still didn't get it. Not sure whats up but I'll have to try on another computer a bit later.

Thanks for the response.
You may want to double check that you are using the current version of SUN Java within your browser and flash from Macromedia and that your not using and old shortcut/favorite since the path and directories may have changed.

I've viewed the source code and it's used extensively via ASP pages. I mention this because I manage a network of ten servers and 320 PC's and I'm a Master Website Designer also and at times my users cannot connect to updated State Job Sites after they have updated their servers with new Java features without us updating the SUN Java and Flash via IE and Firefox has issues also we have found and won't use it on our network.

Just go to SUN.com and download the current free version of JAVA or update it if you already have Sun Java and make sure it is in charge in your browser settings instead of Microsoft Java. Also, a quick trip to Macromedia and downloading current Flash can help also. Both are quick downloads and are free.

If this doesn't work you may also may want to check that your critical updates are current and run Spybot Search and Destroy and/or Adaware spyware checks - both are freeware that we use jointly and resolve spyware/malware issues about 90% of the time - the other 10% requires a command console registry fix or a system rebuild if contamination is to great and fails. Spyware can interfere with browser features. Below is a link to the free version of Spybot & Adaware.



I am able to connect to TVAuthority site easily but what you suggest is what my users report back to me and I then connect remotely via NETOP software to their systems and take control of their PC and update these areas and then it works. We use a combination of the above starting with the easiest with JAVA and Flash and then work through critical updates and checking for Spyware interfering behind the scenes.Like I said 90% of the time we arrive at a solution with the above steps and the remaining 10% that are not recoverable get a fresh clean Ghost install for the version of PC they are using to start fresh as it's not worth the time to chase extreme system corruption and easier to wipe and do a fresh install. Many people are shocked at the level of contamination with spyware after running those two software pkg's.

We tested use of Firefox and it had too many problems in use on our network several months ago. However, make sure you have Sun Java as your default instead of Microsoft in IE browser settings. Good Luck!
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Westa6969 - Thanks for the information. I will follow your advice and hopefully the problem will be solved. Thanks so much.
I can't get TV Authority to connect either --on previous links or when I google it and try the link supplied
I can't get it either. Looks like they are having issues.
Nope- It works fine for me, from home and work. Check your settings, see post 4.
It works fine for me now, even though it didn't this morning. I haven't changed any settings, so I think they were down.
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