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What's wrong I am I using the right cable

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Hi All

In the run up to getting an HTPC I tried to connect my laptop to my Barco 708 data CRT projector via its external monitor output,

The cable I am using is a VGA to 5 BNC, colours of the BNC are red, green, blue , black and white, unsure where to connect the black or white, my Barco only as 4 BNC connection which are RGB-S or (R-Y)Y(B-Y)-S, and there is a compersit

When I connect up the cable using the black BNC nothing seem to happen, but when I connect up using the white BNC I get a picture in RGB mode but it is rolling from top to bottom, if I select the component mode again with the white BNC there is a thick black line down the middle with the left side of the screen on the right and the right side of the screen on the left,

I am I using the right cable? Can any one help, don’t won’t to get an HTPC and find it does not work.

Any other pointer or advice would be great

Thanks in advance

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If your Barco only has 4 connectors, its expecting a composite sync signal (the horizontal and vertical syncs are on one input). Your HTPC sends out horizontal and vertical sync signals on two seperate lines. Thats your problem.

You need a vga->RGsB converter. Kramer makes one called the
VP-101 . You can pick one up a little over $200 ( http://www.ritzav.com/Online_Store/k...lectronics.htm ).

I'm sure Extron makes an even nicer one, you could do a web search

Another approach would be to take the rgbhv output of your HTPC and transcode it to progressive component (assuming your datagrade barco 708 takes progressive component as input). You can buy an rgb->YPrPb transcoder for around $100 from copperbox
Steve ,

just get a bnc T-splitter [ convert the black and white into 1 bnc ] and this will give you composite sync . Then you may need powerstrip 3 to switch the H and V polarity to negative . This should get you a stable picture , just be sure that you are starting at a low resolution [ 640x480 ] and go up from there depending upon what your projector can handle . ;)

Best of Luck ,

Jason Berg
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