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What's wrong with my Sharp LCD???

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A week or so ago my 32" Sharp LC-32GD6U started getting pixels of the wrong color -- mostly red or green -- along contour lines where colors change. They're most noticeable on faces.

I don't think the problem is the result of incorrect settings, etc., as everything was working fine before & I haven't changed settings. I've also determined that it's not a problem with the signal source since it happens with cable (either digital or analog), DVDs and PlayStation. Perhaps some kind of interference, but again, nothing's different now (all components are now in the same place they were before, etc.).

Any ideas?? Thanks!!
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Have you fully reseated your component cables or tried an alternate set? Any cable that is not fully seated will display missing that color and can lead to a green dominance or other colors. I had this occur when I switched to Xbox using components and it seemed they were seated when they weren't an I had no red and the screen had a green tint and fully reseating them corrected that issue.

Just one possibility. :)
Thanks for the suggestion. But the problem does not seem to be with the compononent cable input since this happens on all sources, including cable and A/V inputs from PlayStation.

But the set seems to be working perfectly tonight so this appears to be an intermittent problem. And I am just out of warranty so am really hoping that I won't ever see this again.
If it happens again, put the set into monochrome mode and see if you still get the colored pixels, which would rule out an input problem. Your problem kind of sounds like the problem I had where something called a driver board went bad.
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