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What's wrong with my Surround Sound system?

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(it's a CREATIVE Inspire GD580 system)

One of the speakers is WAY quieter than the rest.

It's not the speaker itself, because if I switch speakers around, whichever one is in the rear left ends up really quiet...

When I hit the "Test" button on the remote, they all sound fine the first time around, but by the third time, the rear left one is a little quieter.

The problem is briefly solved when I turn off the decoder, but only stays fixed for like a minute or two :(

Any ideas?

I'd rather not shell out $200 bucks for another one...
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Howdy meteorstorm42,

I'll bet you tried this......but......the product description says it does include individual channel output adjustment.......so......have you tried raising the level on the rear left channel? I just always start with the obvious first.
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