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What's your best guess?

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Okay, I checked out Toy Story 3 on Blu-Ray the other day and when I played it, my speakers put out a TERRIBLE digital static distortion noise whenever a lot of low-ish end frequencies were present.

I'm trying to identify the culprit: The disc, my oppo 83, my old JVC receiver, or my Energy XL-16 speakers. Everything in my system is old-ish, although I've never heard this issue before. I've got the oppo outputting lossless via rca to the 5.1 multichannel inputs in my JVC.

Anyone care to hazard a guess?
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Have you tried any disk other than Toy Story 3? When the sound comes, is it through the sub only or all of the 5.1? Is it repeatable through the TV speakers? Turn off the amp and let it play through the TV. Try completely unplugging the sub from the outlet and receiver then turn on the receiver and play again. Possible interference/ground loop? If ever I start hearing things I'm not supposed to, I will begin unplugging things one at a time until the noise stops, then I figure out how to fix. Last time it was my cable TV antenna, cable company had to come out and ground the outlet. Problem solved.
I ran it via HDMI directly to my tv and it still did it. I was hoping it was my receiver so I could have an excuse to replace it sooner, but I have to conclude it's either my oppo or the disc. I've never heard it do that on any other disc, so as unlikely as it seems, I'd have to conclude it's a problem with the disc. I haven't heard anyone else complain about such a thing, but it couldn't be a fluke.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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