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...when it's probably 18 gauge.

I was rummaging through my box of old wires and interconnects looking for some 14 to 16 gauge speaker wire (for some short runs of 10-15 feet).

I came across 3 different pieces of "16 gauge" speaker wire. I noticed that one of the three looked considerably smaller than the other two. It wasn't just the plastic coat, but the wire itself.

From top to bottom (pic 1) and left to right (pic 2):

Noname brand 1 - Note the discolouration. It's gone blackish somewhat.

Noname brand 2 - Still looks pristine after many years.

Radio Shack brand - This is from when Radio Shack in Canada was still called Radio Shack (not The Source).

The third piece (from Radio Shack) looks much smaller than the others, yet was sold as 16 gauge. (The label on the spool clearly states "16 gauge".) OTOH, while the 1st piece (some noname one I got in bulk somewhere) has more copper in the cable, it's not great either, as it has degraded with time.

Only the second one seems to be both the right size and in great condition. Too bad I don't have enough of it. I guess I'll go shopping... probably for 14 gauge wire.

So people... As always, buyer beware!
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