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When the 24/192 boards?

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I'm thinking about picking up a delta 1010 sound card/system. But, it is 'only' 24/96 and there seem to be a lot of 24/192 DACs out there nowadays. I would expect that as soon as M-audio comes out with a 24/192 version of the delta 1010 that the prices on the 24/96 systems will plumet.

I want to avoid buying today at a high price when I could wait a week or so for a much cheaper price. So, does anyone have an idea as to when M-audio might release a 24/192 system?
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The only thing that supports those type of bit rate is the SACD. (anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong) So why would M-audio comeout with something like that if DVD-RAM's are JUST starting to become popular??? It will be a while before that comeout for Home use.
SACD doesn't do PCM so the whole 24/192 thing is like apples to oranges for them. SACD does PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and is more like 1-bit/2.3MHz . The quality is comparable to 24/192, but it isn't the same thing.

DVD-Audio does support PCM 24/192 and there are plenty of DSPs and DACs out there now that support those specs (see the new Outlaw 950 pre-amp for example, it uses a Crystal/Cirrus Semiconductor DSP that is 24/192).
Well then you just answered your own question then didn't ya ;)
No Figgie, I answered your question. My question is when will the next generation of 'professional' sound cards like the Delta 1010 be released - as 192/24 DACs and DSPs are becoming common. *I* expect the next generation soon, but I do not follow the professional sound card industry too closely. That's why I am asking here because there are people on the avsforums who do pay attention to that industry and I would appreciate *their* expert advice.
In the pro market they are out of course. That how they make the music as you stated. :) Now are you talking about consumer?? that a diffrent story. You might want to talk to Cliff watson (the one with the yoda picture under his name :) ) He seems to be in the know.
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