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When the new sheriff gets here can someone point him/her out?

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Regarding DVD playback developments, I'm getting confused. When this guy/gal gets in town can those who have made this allusion in the past, please point him/her out. And when is he/she expected?

Also can we make him/her without gender, so that posts will become much easier?:)

I am cuurently running the new Radeon drivers, don't like Power DVD, can't use ATI 4.1 without mods, never got DD passthrough with it anyways, and don't want to purchase Win DVD if there is something better coming out soon. I'd much rather run external player through Dscaler in the meantime.

Aren't there any deputies who can comment?
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Have you tried Ati 5.0 ?

It is supposed to be alot better than 4!
ATI 5.0 doesn't support SPDIF out.

Does it?
I think you will be happy with Cineplayer 4

(although it isn't the "New Sheriff", I think

it will hold its own in a shootout).

See this topic:
pvr, thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
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