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When will cable be going to true digital on all channels?

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I had Dave for a while and now have Cox digital cable....

I very much miss the digital programing (mostly the great sound), is there any word on a true digital progression?
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some area's already have it. Its just very expensive for the cable companies to double all the analog channels, or provide digital STB's to everyone who used to have analog only cable.
I hope it never happens. I just switched from DISH Network to Comcast and can now channel surf over five times as fast as I could with digital satellite.
But, digital tuners WILL get much faster!
Originally posted by miniz
But, digital tuners WILL get much faster!

I don't think they can be any faster than the rate of incidence of the so-called master frame. With analog, every frame is a master frame.
I hope NEVER, unless its all HDTV.

The digital channels we have on Comcast really suck compared to the same channel in analog. Even my 11 year old watches the Nickelodeon on 87 (analog) over the Nick on 122 (digital). I asked him why once and he said the Nick on 87 does not look all squiggly like the one on 122 does.

I fear all channels will look squiggly if they were all digital...

BTW: I know this has to do with the level of compression as I used to be a Direct TV subscriber and they were 100% digital. Direct TV's PQ was far superior to any of the digital cable channels I get on Comcast.
Bright House/Time Warner here in Orlando is going digital this year, end of summer maybe? Thing is, those without a digital TV will have to then get a box to convert the feed back from digital to analog. So seems cable companies have found another cash cow.
I believe Brighthouse is creating a digital simulcast, not a forced migration of analog subs.

On my TWC the digital channels look much better then the analog channels. (on both an analog TV and digital/HD TV.)

I hope my system switches to 100% digital soon, but I don't think it will happen. There are way, way too many analog only subscribers. They subscribe to cable (over satellite) only because they need no STB's, their TV's can do the tuning and its simple to use. TWC knows this. I'd say 2007 at the earliest.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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