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When will something happen with the HDNet OTA service?

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We've now been seeing this feed in several markets (Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Oklahoma City) since early spring, and it seems at this point that we're pretty much seeing the same programs cycled over and over every couple of weeks. From what I can see of the weekly schedule, no or almost no new material has been added in quite a while.

At this point, I am pretty much no longer watching the programming since I have already seen everything that is of interest to me. I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

So the question is: when will the content be freshened up with some programming that we haven't already seen a bunch of times? And what sort of programming might we be able to look forward to on this channel?

If Mark or anyone else from HDNet has any information that can be shared regarding the OTA service, I would love to hear it.
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HDNet has a fair amount of programming that is updated frequently (World Report, TrueMusic, etc.). Are these programs not available OTA? In addition, music specials are added frequently. I am not aware exactly how the programming differs on HDNet OTA, but I know that the regular HDNet is never stagnant.



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we have an OTA product that we offer to local stations. That product has productions specifically done for stations, and has documentaries and original productions that we syndicate to the stations after their HDNet runs

YOu wil not see all of the programming on HDNet , and you will not see live national sporting events.

You will get quite a bit more repeats, but you will get exposure to HDNet product , and the station will get a low cost way to provide great content to their HDTV consumers rather than just upconverting the typical daytime schedule, so everyone gets something to make them happy.

For those who want more, of course we hope you upgrade to HDNet and HDNet MOvies available on cable and DBS

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Lol... so the point of that is to get you to get the real HDnet! So I doubt they will change the material too often.
Originally posted by Vaggeto
Lol... so the point of that is to get you to get the real HDnet! So I doubt they will change the material too often.
I don't see HDNet as a charity. They are a business that stays in business by making some money. It's as simple as that.
Keep in mind that the broadcasters carrying the HDNet OTA service are also not charities...ultimately, this service needs to do something for the stations more than filling their daytime airtime and serving as a promo for the HDNet pay services.

I know that the OTA service is now designed to allow the local stations to insert commercials and station breaks (although I don't know if anyone is currently doing so) -- and I would presume that HDNet would also have the option of selling some national advertising.

My presumption has been that HDNet is trying to build a relationship with these stations, and that the long-term goal would be for the OTA service to be a viable advertising supported (bartered) national broadcast service.

If this presumption is correct, they really will need to start doing more with this service in the near future.

I was hoping that the folks at HDNet might be able to share some insite into what they'll be doing with this channel over the next few months.
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