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When You Wish Upon A VCR (A Work In Progress)

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I don't really have a home theater...yet. I'd like one, but right now all I have is a living room with a hodgepodge of media items and a work room for my hobby and part-time side business of converting legacy media to digital. The quantity, if not the quality, is impressive so I may as well give it here:
  • Main display: Samsung UN55MU6071 55" Smart TV, with attached Samsung sound bar (w/ wireless surround and subwoofer)
  • Video Sources:
    • Sony UBP-X700 4K capable Blu-Ray player
    • Pioneer CLD-V2600 LaserDisc player
    • Panasonic AG-1980P prosumer S-VHS VCR
    • Four (that's right, four!) Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U D-VHS VCRs
    • JVC HR-S4800U S-VHS VCR (for tapes which I don't want to chance in the really good machines)
    • Sony GV-D1000 DV Video Walkman
    • Sony GV-D800 Hi8 Video Walkman
    • Sony SVO-965P VHS Duplicator (PAL...at present, my only PAL-format player)
  • Audio Sources:
    • Denon AVR-800 A/V Surround receiver (with a pair of Technics speakers from the thrift store)
    • Denon DN-770R dual cassette deck
    • Marantz PMD-300CP dual cassette deck with USB interface
    • TEAC TN-100 USB turntable; plays 33.3, 45, & 78 RPM discs
  • Film:
    • MovieStuff RetroScan Universal (Mark I) film scanner, equipped with gates for 8mm/Super 8; 16mm; and slides.
    • Bell & Howell 2592 16mm (optical) sound projector
    • Elmo ST-800 Super 8mm projector with magnetic sound
    • Bell & Howell Lumina MX33 Dual 8 projector (silent)
    • Vivitar 5000AF Slide projector
  • Digital/Streaming:
    • An unspecified (but >1) number of Synology DiskStations/RackStations for media storage and sharing
    • A Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC as an HTPC in the living room (storage on the Synology NASs)
    • Two Windows 10 computers set up for video editing and rendering (primary software: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate)
    • Two (soon to be three) Windows XP computers set up for video capture using ATI All-In-Wonder cards
    • Plus the requisite Time Base Correctors and a Snell & Wilcox standards converter for PAL>>NTSC and vice versa.
With all this hardware I have hefty home networking requirements. I currently have business class Internet service with commercial-grade MikroTik routers and Cat 5e wired throughout, with Wi-Fi used only for supplemental or portable devices. Right now I'm in the process of building out a room in the back of the house, and I thought I would install a real networking and media hub. I've purchased five structured media cabinets from Leviton...one 42", one 28", and three 14". My current plan is to use the 42" cabinet for networking and routing, the 28" cabinet for a sound amplifier and media distribution, and the 14" cabinets for a battery-backed up UPS for the other electronics, the Internet gateway, and one reserved for a future security system controller.
I'm looking for ideas as to how to tie all of this together and integrate it into a real system. I'm wanting to keep most of the individual components in their present locations (or possibly a new rack to be built in the living room), but I'd like to be able to share the sound and possibly the video with other rooms. Hoping that I can learn from the experience of others while here. 'Bye now!
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