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whenever verry bright scene i here static sound?

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Hi all,

I have a barco graphics 801s with 250 hours old tubes in it. I have the problem that whenever there is a verry bright scene or I put up a white screen. My pj makes more sound then. You here a much louder static sound then when you watch normal and more dim scenes. Is this normal? If not what do i have to fix?


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are you sure it's the typical static you hear and not the hv overloading (had that once with the nec when the iss (thats the nec's version of the rcvds) had the gain set way too high.

i'd say you pj isn't setup right (contrastwise)

(vuile overloper :D geven ze weer geen antwoorden op ht ? )
It's the "hisssssss" sound that gets louder when you run verry bright scenes. What could this be? Oh yeah and the pj has been calilbrated 250 hours ago at the former owner, I have te report) his callibration settings where with a htpc and an ati graphics card 1280 x 720 @72 hz brightness 41 and contrast 70. I also use an htpc with an ati at the same resolution so i use the same settings.

(@losha doen we dat niet allemaal dan :D )
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