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Where are all the firmware updates......

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Just wondering whats is going on with this Co. Do they really thing theirs products doesn't need any updates? or they just don't give a sh.....t about it.

Today I tuned my computer on and I had 4 updates.

DVDO VP30 had one or two.

and I see some PJs having some too.

Now I had the Ruby for quite some time and nothing yet. Again my HD XA1, whats up?

I could give several reasons for a update. Are they really serious? this war isn't over yet

wouldn't any Co. with some sense improve their product to be equal or better then the next competition?

What are your thoughts and what should we do about it?

Maybe flooding their emails would wake them up.
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Which company are you asking about: Sony (Ruby) or Toshiba (HD XA1)? (or both?)
Originally Posted by JlgLaw
Which company are you asking about: Sony (Ruby) or Toshiba (HD XA1)? (or both?)
All of them, including Sony and Toshiba, I remember having a BravoD1 and D2 they both had a firmware update, I few weeks ago ABT DVDO had one and now there is a new card with a update.

I am starting to believe they are taking us for a ride. Oh well I will pick up the peaces and go on with my life :D

I am just trying to understand why some of these Co's don't try to improve their prodicts by offering some kind of update like computer Cos does.
no updates since projectors have no security issues :)
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