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Where can I buy tweeters for my RA Labs speakers?

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Well, the topic says it all. I have 5 RA Labs speakers in my system and the company seems to have fallen off the edge of the world. Does anyone know where I can find replacement tweeters, as I blew both front tweeters tonight and I have no idea why they blew? Also, since I probably won't be able to locate the company, is there any way to match up another tweeter for these speakers? I swapped the tweeters from my surround speakers (also RA Labs) and they seem to be the exact same tweeter, though I don't know for sure. If they are, then I just need to replace my surround tweeters,as well as find out why they blew in the first place. I was listening to 2 channel music, not very loud, and I heard the tweeters cut out and then in a couple of times, and finally they died completely. Any help that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. - I will be replacing my entire setp with B&W's very soon, but I would just like to get these fixed so that I can use them for my bedroom system http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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I just saw a magazine at Tower called Speaker Builder I bet you could get some tweeters through that.

FOr people reading this message I would actually like to know what it takes to blow a tweater/speaker if at all possible?
Often I have heard that HK's and Yammys put out not a full 100W but a real 60-80W. So if one has a speaker rated at 100W it will blow? or would you have to have a speaker that puts out 60-80 if junk? My question is what is it the Watts or the quality of sound that matters in blowing a speaker?
Flegal, that address in Bellingham is about a 10 minute drive for me, and that is where I bought these speakers at closeout just before they moved to Texas a couple of years ago. After the move there, I have no idea where they went. I definately will get in touch with Madisound Speaker Components, as that is exactly the type of info I was looking for. Mucho gracias http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

As far as these tweeters blowing, my Yamaha was at a very nominal volume when I heard the tweeter cut out, then back in, then out for good. When I checked, BOTH tweeters were blown, but I don't know that they blew at the same time, as the center channel tweeter is still fine, and most of my recent listening has been to AC-3 movies. When listening to a working tweeter in the center, you actually have to get up pretty close to figure out that the left and right tweeters were blown, as your ear hears the center tweeter and thinks that they are all working, but 2 channel music was a dead give-away that they blew. At any rate, I need new tweeters and I hope that Madisound has them http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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"Hmm. Did you swap the "burnt" tweets with good ones? This could be a filter, not a speaker, problem."

Yes, I did. So far the good tweeters from my rear speakers are still working. What do you mean by a "filter" problem?

"Have you got acces to a voltmeter or similar gear? If so, measure the R of the tweeters and compare it with the R of a known good one."

Yes, I do. I assume that the blown ones will either be open or completely shorted, depending on which way they blew.

"If the tweets are burnt and you listened at normal levels, your Yamaha could have a stability problem."

Hmmm....The Yamaha is not stable in what way? Current leakage? Voltage surges from the output transistors? I've owned the Yamaha for about a year and the RA Labs speakers for about 2 years with no problems, and then suddenly I blow TWO tweeters. This seems very odd to me. I used to play in a rock band, and we would blow tweeters maybe once every two years, but never did we blow two at a time. Very strange. Do you know how to test the Yamaha for problems? I have plenty of test equipment, but I just need to know what I am looking for.

Thanks again,

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Thanks, Flegal. Now that's what I call an answer! I don't have a spectrum analyzer handy , but I do have a waveform generator and a scope, so I'll use the second method that you suggested. If it turns out that I am the victim of high frequency osscillation, how do I correct it, or is that a problem that is specific to each amp?

"I assume that the blown ones will either be open or completely shorted, depending on which way they blew.

Open in 99.99% of all cases. Shorted would mean a quasi-total voice coil meltdown, which very seldomly happens."

Hehe...In the rock band business it is fairly common to open up a burnt tweet and find a melted voice coil.

Thanks again, Flegal. I will be testing this amp this weekend before putting in new tweeters, as I don't want to fry the new ones http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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